Computers: what TYPE of printer uses ink that dont dry up so fast. inkjet laser?

Answer go with a brother laser. their cartridges last for about 3,000 pages and cost under $30. I get them here…My two brother lasers are about 8 years old and st... Read More »

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What's better a laser printer, a dotmatrix printer or an inkjet printer?

For Black&White prints, top of the line printers ( = fastest+high quality): - LASER - high quality & high speed. - Ink - high quality & moderate speed. - Dot Matrix - moderate quality&moderate spee... Read More »

What is my printer, a Laser or Inkjet?

I'd need to know the model number. I have a Lexmark 4 in 1at home and that's inkjet. But we have several Lexmark 4 in 1s at work and they're monochrome laser. Chances are you have an inkjet. Lo... Read More »

Which Printer is more economic to run, Inkjet or Laser Printer. My requirement is about 150 pages p.m.?

If you are going to print 150 pages every month, then you should go with a Laser printer. Not a very heavy duty one, but one of the more economic laser printer versions. Inkjet, will be extremely c... Read More »

What is different between laser and inkjet printer?

Laser - uses a laser to create an electostatic image on a drum that picks up toner (a plastic polymer powder) that is applied to the paper as it passes by & is then fused into the paper fibers usin... Read More »