Computers or laptops?

Answer laptops are much better for hacking

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Why laptops are better than computers?

How many computers/laptops are there in your house?

Well, My mom and dad both have a laptop, my mom uses hers for work, and my dad for fantacy sports and news. I have a laptop, =-D and I use it for online entertaiment, like here. And when I learn Ja... Read More »

What are the Best gaming computers/Laptops?

A self-built gaming computer is the best. Because 1) You can customize it to your specific needs, and 2) It's cheaper.And 3) It's more reliable knowing you built it yourself.

Are Dell laptops good computers?

You know, every laptop has there drawbacks, there is NO perfect laptop. HP has theres problems, so to Sony, so does Acer, and Im sure dell has them too. But I have a Dell Inspiron n I have no probl... Read More »