Computers and File Sharing?

Answer Copy it to a folder called my network places and mark it for sharing.

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We have 3 computers. How do I connect them all to home network & allow file sharing, etc and share a printer?

If we have more than one computer it can easily connect to other by LAN system.

How do I set up sharing folders between computers?

The simplest way would be to use Dropbox and then synchronize between the laptops. On the other hand, it might be inefficient for what you're trying to do.Here's documentation for Windows 7 and XP:... Read More »

How can you see what other computers sharing the same network are doing?

yes alot of true hackers can do this and you need security as in maile ware blocker virus bloccker anti spam and popup blocker pass worn protection and data feed infrotration blocker [any one tha... Read More »

Does two computers sharing one wireless router slow down the other?

yes it can as each are competing with each other for bandwidth.