Computer/camera dorks needed!?

Answer First step would be to run a search for recent files (picture files). Likely, you simply downloaded the picture files to the wrong destination folder.Second step, take a picture (doesn't matter wha... Read More »

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HELP needed please?

Empty your cache and delete all cookies.If you have an IE icon on your desktop (not shortcut) just right click that -> Properties -> look in their to Delete your browsing history. That should also ... Read More »

Why is tv needed?

TV is not needed. It's one of those inventions that is incredible from a technological point of view, but not actually of great benefit to society.

When is first aid is needed?

First aid is the immediate help given to an injured or a sick person before the arrival of any medical treatment or a doctor. Or first aid is needed if anyone is hurt or in danger or something like... Read More »

What is needed in a first aid kit for a gym?

Well, you need,a bandageMedichal wipesplastersand a bucket Well that's all i can think of .