Computer/camera dorks needed!?

Answer First step would be to run a search for recent files (picture files). Likely, you simply downloaded the picture files to the wrong destination folder.Second step, take a picture (doesn't matter wha... Read More »

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Why is tv needed?

TV is not needed. It's one of those inventions that is incredible from a technological point of view, but not actually of great benefit to society.

Is an Exorcist needed?

It is not a ghost :)Option 1:go to the power options under where you change your screen saver and make sure it isn't set to power down after so long.Option 2:talk to someone who knows about compute... Read More »

Prayers needed?

My Father and God. Creator of all and master of the universe, i call on you tonight in the name of Jesus Christ, your Son who was made a ransom for the sins of the world. It is through this honored... Read More »

Can I text 911 if I needed to?

Most police departments do not have 911 text capabilities.