Computer wizards can you help me out with this one?

Answer Hi,Slowing down of your computer can be due to a number of things. AVG has put them in the vault so they are now quarantined. But remember, virus detectors can only detect known viruses and viruses... Read More »

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This question is for computer wizards only, please no funny stuff.?

I have been in the electronics repair biz for 30+ years and can tell you that any home entertainment device including desktop PCs are more apt to fail when constantly turned on and off. This is due... Read More »

Question for computer wizards (hardware, not software). If my house is really hot and the fan is very loud, is?

The fan speed can vary with the temperature of the CPU.Having a warmer room may make the fan run faster (louder) than normal, but it should not hurt the computer at all.If the system is that old, h... Read More »

Wizards on deck with Hannah Montana the movie july17th .com wizards july17th the on friday17.?

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What is the TV show Wizards of Oz?

They don't. Usually. There have been exceptions, but the Jedi policy is pretty much NO ROMANCE. Something about how any emotion whatsoever leads to the Dark Side. Then how come there's always more ... Read More »