Computer with blu-ray wont play through tv copyright message comes up and movie shuts down plays fine on computer?

Answer whe was blue ray invented

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Was told i have a virus where it shuts down my computer and says its the FBI and I need to pay a fine?

Graham gives very good source! Britec Video is very informative and helpful .. and you could remove it for free! If you need more info about this scam:

My Computer Shuts Down Every Time I Play A Game?

If it gets really hot there are sensors in the computer to tell it to shut down to help prevent damage. Or your computer isn't really set up to handle games.

My son's computer shuts down when he play certain games, like "age of empires" what could be the problem?

check the game requirements(like ram, agp, and screen resolution)screen resolution us the important factor becouse certain game are operated on high screen you can try to play the gam... Read More »

My sons computer wont start up. We get a blue screen with an error message?

Take it to a repair shop, they wipe the bios password, but that blue screen might mean something got corrupted or bad memory.