Computer wiped clean now nothing on it?

Answer you should call him back and tell him can he restore some of the things that he erased. you can try to restore your computer back a couple of days to see what comes up but call him first to see wha... Read More »

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You were wearing underwear and a little bit of sperm got on your finger and you wiped if off on some papertowel then you wiped it off on a seat but you waited awhile to sit there could you be pregnant?

if u put that sperm into your vagina then u could but if u didnt no

When are student loans in the UK wiped clean?

As long as you don't earn over £15,000 you don't have to pay it back i think.Every-ones gets wiped off after 25years no matter how much you have paid back. Students are not free loaders! we are th... Read More »

My son wiped out on his bike and broke his arm.....?

I actually had a similar experience, and I indeed had to wear the cast for the same six week period I would have had the break been bad enough for the ER quack to see in the x-ray.'Course it made m... Read More »

Storm wiped out my itunes Need help please!?

1.Plug IPod In2.It should ask Can it sync click yes 3.When it syncs your music is supposed to go onto your iTunes when syncing