Computer. what does 1GB ram mean and is that good enough for a seven year old?

Answer It is the amount of memory and yes it should be enough.RAM is random accessible memory, it empties when you switch off, its a temporary store. Things you wish to save will be saved on disc. Without... Read More »

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Is 45 mins on the computer really enough for a 17 year old?

no. 17 means..almost 18, so something like internet shouldn't be limited too much, plus, 17 year olds love to chat online, instead of talking on the phone, which goes by faster than it feels. so I ... Read More »

My computer says my memory is low.What does that mean & how do I fix it and how do I fix it?

well, basically computers, like rooms, have space for you to put things in! like files, software and so on..... this is called memory.... i think.... and there is a limited space on your computer's... Read More »

Whats a good enough paying job for a 13 year old?

DEFINITELY *babysitting* - parents are *constantly* looking for responsible girls your age (in fact, not only did i do a TON of babysitting at your age, once i got married and had my own child, i w... Read More »

Is this computer good enough?

It depends on what you mean by "light gaming". It is a built-in graphics card, it will handle most games if you turn graphic detail down in the games, but it won't run bleeding edge games (i.e. it... Read More »