Computer-tower-do I need a new one?

Answer When the prognosis here is "broken", it is hard to guess all the potential issues. Your system, if running Windows XP has got to be over the 4 year life normally expected out of a PC. There were pr... Read More »

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Can you move your tower on your computer when the computer is on?

Although it's possible to move your desktop computer tower while it's operating, it's unwise. Desktop hard drives are designed with much less operating shock tolerance than notebook hard drives. If... Read More »

What Is Inside My Computer Tower?

Modern computers are complex devices capable of making tens of millions of calculations in mere seconds. Most desktop models feature a tower which stores all of the circuitry and equipment needed t... Read More »

How to Rebuild a Computer Tower?

A tower is a type of a computer case. The tower is meant to sit on the floor or other surface because it is usually taller than wider and doesn't fit on a desktop. The case is where all of the har... Read More »

Can I use any computer tower for my monitor?

Yes, a monitor will work with any tower as long as the tower's video output is the same as the monitor's video input cable. There are several types of video output ports, the most popular being VGA... Read More »