Computer startup speed?

Answer In regards to hardwarem te CPU would most affect your startup speed.There are many other factors contributing to the startup speed as well, such as operating system, overclocking, fragmentation, st... Read More »

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How to Speed Up Startup Time in XP?

The startup process is a feature that can save you time if you access certain files or programs every time you turn on your computer. While convenient, having too many programs can drastically slow... Read More »

How to Speed Up the Startup on a Dell Dimension Desktop?

Computers get quicker and more powerful every day. With more memory and space, installing more programs on your hard drive and running more applications at the same time has become commonplace. Ove... Read More »

Why is a computer so slow at startup?

There are many causes of slow computer startup speeds. You can attribute most of the problems to poor computer maintenance or the lack thereof. To solve startup speed problems, it is important to u... Read More »

My computer freezes at startup.?

Is everything else working fine if you are not on the internet?Have you got your Windows Install cd?I would run it and try a Repair of the operating system.Something is definitely buggy!D