Computer shuts down shuts off on its own?

Answer is it a laptop?if it is check underneath if there is a vent with a fan behind it check to see if the fan is working,it might be clogged up with dust and that will cause your cpu to over heat and sh... Read More »

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Computer Just shuts off?

My computer gets really hot and shuts down?

My computer randomly shuts down?

most likely overheating.try cleaning out all the dusty inside and cleaning the fans and etc.use compressed air to clean it out..not a wet towel. don't use anything to 'wipe' inside the computer.may... Read More »

When my son is using his computer it shuts down and starts up by it self, what causes this,?

I don't know but I thought I'd just add it happens to me too ..usually right in the middle of something extensive and I haven't had chance to save anything... it could be ... something overheating ... Read More »