Computer screen savers are they bad for the computer?

Answer No, screen savers are harmless to the computer. They do eat electricity since they require your computer monitor to be on to run. To save energy I would just turn the monitor off when you leave a... Read More »

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Why do the prints of images on my screen don't have the same color as they do on my computer screen?

Monitors can show up to 16 million colors; printers cannot. The printer will try to get as close as possible, but there's no way it can match the colors on the screen exactly.

A blue screen on my computer keeps popping up and it causes my computer to switch off,what should I do?

This is a very bad sign for computers. It probably means your motherboard, CPU or memory - or a combination of them, are kaput.If you are using Windows NT, you can go back to the last known configu... Read More »

When i start my computer then blue screen appears and my computer goes to restart Wat's the problem?

Check the writer isn't set as a slave or do you already have a CDROM sitting there as a master, two masters will conflict and cause what you say is happening. Or also if the jack cable is in backwa... Read More »

If I deleted pics from my computer and cleared recycling, can they still be found on my computer?