Computer screen help please?

Answer You can try changing the screen resolution by going to Control Panel, Display, Settings tab but first hold down the CTRL button and scroll with the mouse wheel to see if you get the desired effect.

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My computer screen won't turn on please help?

Then how are you seeing this screen now???

Please Help... AGAIN... My Computer Screen Isn't Working!?

Maybe bring it to someone to repair it, or just replace it with a better, newer Macintosh, Tobisha, Dell or something ...

HELP ME PLEASE!! Permenant Pen on Computer Screen!! 3yr old son driving my mad today?

Spray some canned perfume spray (ANY like impulse eg.. The cheaper the better actually) onto the Screen. The Alcohol in the perfume will make the ink liquid. Then wipe immediately with a wipe.You m... Read More »

When I turned on my computer, I got the blue screen of death. Please help?

That is a RAM issue. How much RAM do yu have on the machine?Remove one of the memory modules that are installed on yur computer. Leave the least RAM that is required for the computer to start and r... Read More »