Computer screen goes black.?

Answer i have the same issue with my computer i was playing my game alliance of valiant arms and i was in mid game the screen went black i could still fire my guns and here everything that was going on bu... Read More »

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My computer goes to sleep and the screen goes black but doesnt turn on again?

it also happen to me..dunno what to do then i just reboot my notebook to solve it..oh no!!don't say that you are using a Asus notebook model too!!!

My computer screen goes black and all what i the mouse any help?

This happend to me. You need to restore it to a previous date. Much data will be lost but it's an easy fix and free. Sorry about this happeing it really p***** me off.

My computer screen goes black when i Press the up arrow button?

The setup is wrong. The up arrow is putting the computer into Hibernate or the monitor unto standby. Does the computer keep running or is it turning off too??Have you tried a different keyboard? Bo... Read More »

My screen goes black after Windows XP screen. What's causing this?

Hi! First of all, there is no problem with your Windows Xp Operating System. The problem is with your Laptop's Hard Drive.It has Read Delay issues. The best way to resolve it is to replace your Har... Read More »