Computer saying i have to little memory to partition my hard drive?

Answer backup everything to an external hard drive. Wipe the computer clean, do the partition, then move all the files back.That seems to be the least complicated way at least.

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Is you computer faster if u have a larger memory and/or hard drive?

add more RAM, it's the processor memory that you need to add more for speed not the hard drive. Good memory size hard drive memory is for storage, if you need to choose one, get more RAM memory

My computer keeps saying low disk space. do i need a bigger hard drive ?

If you copy some documents, images, songs, movies etc from C drive/partition to either to another partition D, E etc if there are any, or copy them to cd/dvd and then delete them off from the C dri... Read More »

My computer keeps saying no hard drive found, I bought a new one and is still doing it. can anyone help me?

Make sure the cables are connected the right way and that you have the right jumper settings on it - set it to master

How to Add Hard Drive Memory to Your Computer?

As hard drive manufacturers continue to increase the overall storage capacity of internal hard drives, it is becoming more common for home users to perform hard drive upgrades. These new hard drive... Read More »