Computer randomly plays music/ads?

Answer If the problem returns, this has helped people here with similar symptoms. You already have MBAM installed, so you're part way there.Try this:Firstly, boot your computer to the Safe Mode menu scree... Read More »

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My computer randomly shuts down?

most likely overheating.try cleaning out all the dusty inside and cleaning the fans and etc.use compressed air to clean it out..not a wet towel. don't use anything to 'wipe' inside the computer.may... Read More »

What do i do if my computer turns off randomly?

shout at it... it doesn't help the computer but it sure helps you... =]

Computer keeps randomly shutting off?

my computer does the same thing!just try seeing if any dust got caught anywhere in the laptopif theres dust, try to clean it out.scan your laptop for viruses, and remove them.also, make sure you ha... Read More »

My computer just shut off randomly?

overheating and power supply auto shut off to prevent damagemost likely causesneeds a new cooler due to most likely stock coolingrecomended 30 percent better then stock Read More »