Computer randomly plays music/ads?

Answer If the problem returns, this has helped people here with similar symptoms. You already have MBAM installed, so you're part way there.Try this:Firstly, boot your computer to the Safe Mode menu scree... Read More »

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What do i do if my computer turns off randomly?

shout at it... it doesn't help the computer but it sure helps you... =]

Why does my computer randomly shut down?

Something probably isn't connected properly inside of the computer, or if your computer doesn't have a battery and your running the power directly in from the outlet, the power cord could have acci... Read More »

Why does my HP computer turns off randomly when I'm on it?

possible overheating issueif its a laptop buy a can of compressed air from a hardware store and fire it into the cooling ducts on the side and/or back of the machineif its a desktop opening the cas... Read More »

My computer randomly shuts down?

most likely overheating.try cleaning out all the dusty inside and cleaning the fans and etc.use compressed air to clean it out..not a wet towel. don't use anything to 'wipe' inside the computer.may... Read More »