Computer questions?

Answer Well, eveyone else has told you to Right-click on the taskbar and select Toolbars >. You will then see a list of items you can show on your taskbar; Windows Media Player, Links, Language Bar, Desk... Read More »

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Please help with these computer questions.?

A database is a place to store information and later let you retrieve the information by sorting it by the criteria you are looking for.Too develope one you would need to know how to write code. If... Read More »

Computer to receiver questions.?

This is the best way to hook up your devices:- 1st hdmi cable to hdmi output on device to hdmi input on receiver for surround sound audio, then 2nd hdmi cable to hdmi output on receiver to hdmi inp... Read More »

Building a computer QUESTIONS...?

BUY A BOOK!!! If you're just a beginner, you're an example of the maxim "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing"Most modern motherboards have built-in sound, network and graphics - but I only kno... Read More »

How to Make the Computer Ask You Questions With Vbs?

If you are bored, then you can make the computer ask you question. But don't know how to do, then this article will show you.