Computer problems. Help please?

Answer Equipment connected to long lengths of cable such as telephone wires is potentially liable to damage during an electrical storm. This is particularly true if the long wires are on overhead poles an... Read More »

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Computer Problems...Please Help?

You have many issues that could have many answers. A virus in your system, corrupt drivers, RAM, problems, or even hardware problems. Since you have been able to type the message above, I would s... Read More »

HELP ME PLEASE!. With spyware problems, I can't get it off my computer.?

Wow, too many wrong answers and from "Top" guys too. I give everyone an "E" for effort, but an "F" overall. Sorry guys... Now on to solving your problem...This is not a problem at all. Here's what ... Read More »

My computer is having problems when i start it help please?

Are you able to boot into Safe Mode?•What happens if not?Depending on your manufacturer - options to get to the boot diagnostics will differ... Google "Dell startup diagnostics" where Dell = your... Read More »

Jaw problems PLease help?

try to see a TMJ expert. I think, it is something about your TMJ. (temporomadibular joint).