Computer problem, please read?

Answer What program(s) are you scanning with? Yes, it makes a difference. Email me if you have too.

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Please help all computer and printer expertise. Problem with Lexmark. Read on.?

try putting less papers in at the time and make sure their all stacked the same. i found that the HP deskjet F340 is better than my Lexmark. good luck.

How do I stop and fix my computer problem with the print on my internet mail screen becoming to small to read?

Hold 'Ctrl' key down and roll the mouse wheel away from yourself.

Flash drive problem: My computer will not read my flash drive when I plug it in the front of the computer.?

Check in CMOS that all usb ports are enabled. If so, it could drivers or a bad connection on the front ports.Cheers :-)

HDD Problem (Please Read)?

Hi,just reformat the drive and it will be fine, i think this was the first problem you had. hope this helps you.