Computer problem can anyone help ?

Answer 1) Call Microsoft and ask for them to mail a disc to you-- If you have a partition of your drive for recovery, do this --2a) When turning on your computer, press F8, delete, or whatever you're supp... Read More »

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My computer screen keeps flashing on and off it pising me off can anyone help me resolve my problem?

You just have to know it can be anything from a power supply to a Video card to any other part going bad, or a software problem... We need more informationNow as the other post has said you have an... Read More »

I need help with youtube problem,can anyone help?

HD LG TV problem. can anyone help.?

Speakers and other magnetic objects close to your TV screen refer to the old tube type CRT TV's.. Not flat screen HDTV's...

Help me anyone alcohol problem?

Most of you posting here are not alcoholics but people with bad habits that also lead to bad decisions. Your anger issue and poor relationship with your father [issues] need attention through couns... Read More »