Computer (password) problem?

Answer Restart.before boot up screen comes on press F8Boot up in safe mode.Choose the "Administrator" account.Change password as usual.Hope this helps!

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I found a computer and i dont know the password what should i do to figure out the password?

Probably can't. But you could reinstall the operating system and set a new password. You can generally do this by booting from an install CD or DVD.

How do I reset my computer password if I can't remember my password?

YEs 1. Reboot your machine. 2. Press F8 before the Windows boot screen appears. * Do not press F5 as used on the NT/9x series of Windows. 3. You will be be prompted with a boot optio... Read More »

Please help me fix this problem...Unknown password?

Buy a Windows operating system, find and save the hardware drivers to a CD/DVD flash drive or external HDD and format the machine, install the OS and the drivers and you have a perfectly working la... Read More »

Internet problem and its regarding the user-name and password?

you have an infection or been hacked, scan in safe mode with Malware Bytes.