Computer not recognising printer?

Answer Power on the printer but unplug the USB cable from it and begin a fresh install. You will re-connect the USB only when the programs asks you. Some printers, especially HP need to follow that proced... Read More »

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I have a windows XP computer that is attached to a CX7800 printer. The nozzle on the printer needs cleaning ?

Hi BellaGo in the printers properties or in the menu that was installed for your CX printer.Their should be an option called 'service' or tools. Select 'clean printer' It will print a page as it is... Read More »

How do you fix sony DVD writer which is not recognising disc?

Epson sx200 not recognising cartridge?

A lot of printers will refuse to print in black only when there is a problem with any of the colour cartridges. Sometimes this is because of the software detecting a problem with the cartridges and... Read More »

Windows not recognising ubuntu 12.04 during startup?

See if EasyBSD will boot it. I personally prefer EasyBSD to GRUB.…