Computer monitor won't display anything?

Answer Disconnect everything was going to Troubleshoot 1 thing at a time so is this what were going to do turn off your computer disconnect power cord and take out both of your memory modules. and turn o... Read More »

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Dell monitor wont display?

It sounds like the backlight is out. If you take a flashlight and shine it at the screen, you might be able to see an image of something like your icons or a picture of your wallpaper, but you wil... Read More »

Moved a moniter from ME to XP computer. display wont go past 800X600 What to do?

If I am understanding the question - you just moved the monitor not the computers. If this is the case - the place to begin would be the display drivers - they are most likely not installed correct... Read More »

My monitor wont connect to my computer?

What computer? What OS? What monitor? What video system? What settings? What cable connection?

Computer monitor wont stay on?

Have you tried another monitor? Either it's going bad or it's not receiving a video signal.