Computer monitor says no input?

Answer either the cable is loose ( the cable from the monitor to the computer), the video card is loose (least likely) or the hard drive has crashed. if the cable from your monitor to the computer is not ... Read More »

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Why would my computer monitor is black and says "no signal input" everything else is on?

From the onset there could be dozens of reasons why, but I will go over a few I can think of right now.1. Monitor is defective and is not registering input the VGA plug may have been defective or b... Read More »

Computer monitor says "No Input Signal" and goes to power save?

The posbilites are:-# Loose cable, or bent pins on cable.# Loose video card.# burnt out power for the video card chip on mainboard (smells bad).# Video card is dead.The most common cause of this pr... Read More »

How to get 4x HDMI input on one monitor AT THE SAME TIME?

The technique of multiple image sources on one screen is done with CCTV security systems. But usually they don't use HDMI. Mostly normal SD video capture devices or USB webcam inputs are used.I ... Read More »

What is the standard PC monitor input called?

A standard PC monitor input is a VGA, or video graphics array, input. On the back of a PC tower, it is the three-row 15-pin DE-15 connector, and it is often color-coded blue for easier setup.Refere... Read More »