Computer mega-genuis needed...problems with new printer...?

Answer In word perfect when you click print a menu pops up before you click print click chose printer then assign that printer to be default printer for word perfect. Good luck.

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Why is facebook running so slow on my computer when all the other websites run super mega fast on my computer?

Everyone in my house has been experiencing this problem as well. I'm to assume it is not just my account and is surely an issue with facebook's servers. I've been off facebook for two days because ... Read More »

How to Play "Mega Man X4" on a Computer?

Capcom released "Mega Man X4" for the PlayStation and Sega Saturn in 1997. "Mega Man X4" is the fourth "Mega Man X" game, a series which introduces Capcom's famous blue bomber to a futuristic setti... Read More »

My computer has gone mega slow some1 help?

You should have formatted the hard drive first. If you dont then you will still have the problem files and malicious software present.

Genuis vidoecam installation?

Where did you buy the camera? Is there no manufacturer name?