Computer lost it's memory. Is there a cure?

Answer Hi, It's a clear case of a virus in your system. Try updating your antivirus and scan otherwise install an antivirus like "avast free antivirus".

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Will My Files Be Lost if I Put More Memory on my Computer?

Installing extra RAM improves your computer's performance.; it doesn't affect how you store files. Adding an additional hard drive adds storage space, but doesn't affect files you've stored. Howeve... Read More »

How to Find Randomly Lost Computer Memory?

Sometimes your computer just will take up so much hard disk space you can no longer install programs.This is usually caused by a feature introduced in Windows Me. This feature is System Restore, an... Read More »

I've lost my memory card and lost my photos, can i still retrieve them?

Sounds like they're gone - sorry. I know it is upsetting, this happened to me too. Keep your chin up.

How do you move pictures from digital camera memory to flash memory without using a computer?