Computer keyboard spill?

Answer Most keyboards (if not all) are designed to have keys that can be popped out by pulling up on them..then you can clean the region and pop back on the key...this is assuming you are referring to a d... Read More »

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Will it completely ruin your entire computer if you spill water on the keyboard?

Offer to buy a keyboard. If fact, bring one over to try out. You see, a bad keyboard can prevent anything from working correctly. Replacing the keyboard with a brand new one should do the tric... Read More »

Okay people...I got a serious problem here. What do you do if you spill beer all over your keyboard?

you're right, tall boys tend to spill more beer than short ones. i think the longer drop is the problem. but if you take the screws off the back of the keyboard then you can get it apart pretty e... Read More »

Computer working after drink spill?

It should be alright in terms of functioning. Typically, if the keyboard or other components aren't immediately unresponsive, it isn't going to get worse over time. However, as it dries, you might ... Read More »

How to Use a Computer Keyboard?

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