Computer keeps going into sleep mode, screen saver doesn't stay on anymore?

Answer updates for what.wait don't even tell display settings screen saver there are a place with numbers of min. increase it.power settings just at the'll have to reopen display ; if you... Read More »

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Does my computer lose power in screen saver mode?

Screen savers use a full screen and use a lot of the CPU. It is better to have your computer go into standby mode than in screensaver mode. But if you computer is plugged in, it will not. I hope I ... Read More »

My computer will not stay in sleep mode, can someone help me?

To fix sleep mode problems:1. Click Start.2. Click Control Panel3. Click Click System4. Click Device Manager. 5. Click the plus sign on Network Adapters droping it down and right click your network... Read More »

My computer screen keeps going out?

My tower computer is acting up. My monitor was going into power saving mode and going dead, Why?