Computer intelligent people, please help.?

Answer cuz your burger bun blocks all necessary signals!!!it's a sad sad world when burger buns block things!!!*cries*

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Are blind people more intelligent than deaf people?

On One Hand: No, They Are NotAccording to special education teacher Beverlee Byers, there is no proven link between blindness and intelligence or deafness and intelligence. This means there is no r... Read More »

How to Deal With Less Intelligent People?

In the workplace or dealing with clerks, attendants, and sales people it may become evident that the person is "slow" or for whatever reason just doesn't "get" what you are trying to convey. If you... Read More »

Intelligent people, tell me how do u have three way on a phone?

Using Three-Way CallingThree-Way Calling lets you talk to two people at the same time. You can use Three-Way Calling even if you didn't start the phone call; and when using this feature, the normal... Read More »

Are there some people considered retarded really intelligent?

Yes, I know a few ;) Same for the other way round too... But seriously now, some people with Down's Syndrome for instance have varying degrees of cognitive impairments, and some are able to functi... Read More »