Computer help I clicked on something called?

Answer Would it say (Antivirus 2008 Pro) if it does its a scam and dont click on anything else., I just cleared a friends computer of it., couple of things you can do.,Go to Start,click run,type in regedi... Read More »

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I clicked on an answer website called "Aardvark" , and it's not able to show that web page.?

If it is a little known website and not reputable, it may be virus-ridden and/or unreliable. Other options are yahoo, bing, google, etc

What did i do the computer is upsidedown literaly i thought it was the monitor but i clicked something yes?

oh thats awful honey ..try this iand see if this helps ya,,…did you get it fixed?? hope so,it seems like its in the ctrl thing,,

HELP Whats that thing called that allows your friend to control your computer from their computer (We bother?

In general, "remote access software"There is VNC for Mac, for sure (that's available cross-platform on Windows, Mac and Linux).You can give someone control, or just let them watch while you run som... Read More »

One computer mouse is simply called 'a mouse', but what's more than one called,- mice, mouses, mices?