Computer help! 10 points!?

Answer Two possibilities: 1. You download and install the free Epson Print & Scan Software and the drivers for your specific device on your computer from the Epson support homepage. The Epson will connect... Read More »

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Computer Help....................10 POINTS?

I've seen something similar on occasion with Mozilla Firefox. Try this to kick it onto the Taskbar:1. Press ALT/TAB. This will bring up the currently running programs.2. Press ALT/TAB again until... Read More »

Computer help please, 10 points?

What do you mean you can't access any website? Be more specific. This has nothing to do with proxies or your firewall. You probably have a virus. Run a full scan with your anti virus program, or ge... Read More »

Computer/Internet help please 10 points.?

I had a similar problem with my old computer, when they get old they just don't work so well, my disc D was full and no matter what I did to delete stuff it still didn't help and all kinds of thing... Read More »

Can anyone help solve any of my computer problems!! 10 points!?

That is a lot of things!Overheating: Laptops overheat because their fans suck in dust, lint, and hair and that clogs up the airways and fans, so the ventilation is greatly reduced. Get one of tho... Read More »