Computer has no internet access?

Answer Turn the network adapter on.

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How can i access my business computer from my home computer without internet connection?

You can't. You need something for the data to travel through. (Internet connection).Kgirl

How to access other computer from my computer through internet so that i can see there desktop?

the best software to do this is TeamViewer ,downloadfrom here :http://teamviewer.cominstall the program and tell your friend to install it,tell your friend to give you the id and the password from ... Read More »

How do I access the Internet on a laptop computer?

Turn on the computer. Go to a location where Internet service is available. This can be a home or a business with Wi-Fi or even a hotel that has a physical network connection. Connect to the networ... Read More »

How would I be able to access the HD of a friends computer over the internet?

The safe way to go, is to get an FTP account. That way you can upload a bunch of files that he wants, and you can upload a bunch of files that you want. Then either of you can do downloads when... Read More »