Computer graphic card help?

Answer 550ti, any day. Both use very little power when idle, and the 550ti will provide better performance. However, the 550ti will get better driver support from nVidia as well as probably being quieter ... Read More »

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Graphic card help please?

It's compatible, PCIE 3.0 GPU's are backwards compatible and would work at full speed on a pcie 2.0 x 16 slot mobo.

Looking for an upgrade for my computer....either cpu or graphic card?

you have to decide what is most important for you.if you are serious about gaming then definitely go for graphics card upgrade.gtx 560 ti is significantly better than gtx 460 so you will definitely... Read More »

Help me to tell a graphic card price?

Please help me compare Graphic Card?

Both cards are the same model. (GTX660 Ti)As far as manufacturers, for all nVidia based cards, EVGA and ZOTAC are best.MSI Frozr are also very good.Besides the brand, the EVGA one will be best, as ... Read More »