Computer geeks needed...?

Answer willing but not know one thing about the linux systems. if she had internet service already and then it quit for no apparent reason? Is she on an external modem? Turn that off for 5 mi... Read More »

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Computer geeks needed!!?

First of all you shouldn't be doing things you don't want tracked.Changing your IP is next to, if not, impossible. If you use certain ISP's, it is impossible. If you use an ISP like cable, you co... Read More »

Computer geeks, can you answer this?

actually the answer is yes they can,if you didnt format the hard drive,File information is maintained in a directory so your operating system can find it. All that “delete” does is erase the fi... Read More »

How to Sit up Straight at a Computer Desk (for Geeks)?

When you sit at a computer desk it is important that you have proper posture. It is very disconcerting to make this type of statement to someone that does not understand or has never experienced pr... Read More »

A question for computer geeks. What is an add on?

Add-on, also known as Add-in, is a mini program that runs in combination with the main application in order to extend and improve the functionality of that application. For example if you download... Read More »