Computer fan color control question.?

Answer I have never seen a fan that comes with a controller but you can add an RGB controller to your existing fans.Something like this.…D

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What does Control+c and Control+ V do when you hit it on the computer?

ctrl+c = copyctrl+v= pastectrl+a= select allctrl+x= cutctrl+z= undoctrl+d= deletectrl+p= print

Birth control question?

You don't have to take it the minute your period starts, just take it at the hour you planned to on Sunday.

Electrical control (panel) question? makes the specific motor contol digital counters you are describing

I have a question about birth control?

Yes, because of the way your body changes after having a kid.If you want that because of the fact that it's long lasting and you don't have to remember to take it, there are other options like that... Read More »