Computer experts only please read on........?

Answer No, you must get RAM with the right amount of pins or it will not work. Different types of RAM are also different lengths and fit into slots with barriers are different distances along the way, so... Read More »

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Computer experts only please, read on........................?

300W is pushing it, especially if you have a PCIe video card. More important than the wattage rating, though, is the amperage on the 12v rail. For a P4-class processor new enough to take on DDR2, I... Read More »

Feng Shui experts only, please?

Before thinking of any remedies, you should analyze your home according to the 8 Mansions and the Flying Stars system of Feng Shui. This will give you an exact idea of which element is necessary in... Read More »

Very raw and obscene question...but it is 100% serious. Preferable mental health experts only please?

This is the most awesome post ever.That said, she's probably looking for something new to get the excitement going. I'm sure you guys lead a constant Rockstar/James Bond lifestyle/relationship but... Read More »

[EXPERTS ONLY PLEASE] Can you use any manufacturer's quick release plate with the GlideCam HD-1000?

Hi O.M.A.: The keyword is "integrated"... every tripod-head / camera-head manufacturer uses their own dovetail system for quick-release mounts. (Satchler is different from Connor or Bogen/Manfrotto... Read More »