Computer equalizer help...?

Answer I've always wanted an electric toilet - then I wouldn't have to teach my kids to flush and life wouldn't be so draining! I'm not even sure what computer equalizer is sweetcheeks - but it sounds gra... Read More »

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What are some good equalizer software To enhance the audio on my computer.?

RealTime Equalizer 4.10 is a good equalizer software to enhance the audio on my computer. Get it Installed on your computer and feel the difference

What equalizer should be used with a jbl eon 515?

On One Hand: JBL EON speakers have an equalizerJBL EON 515 speakers come with a built-in equalizer that offers three factory optimized settings. The Boost setting provides you with fuller sounding... Read More »

How to Set a Car Amp Equalizer?

EQ is short for equalization. Equalizers are used to balance and correct the frequency range of a given sound. You might be familiar with the bass, middle and treble settings on many consumer elect... Read More »

How to Use a Graphic Equalizer?

A graphic equalizerA graphic Equalizer, more commonly known as an EQ is used to change the frequency response, or in other words the tone, of a sound, song, or instrument. It can be used to give mo... Read More »