Computer does not recognize Sony Handycam DCR-HC52 when connected with firewire?

Answer What windows do you have?Firewire driver/support is BUILD-IN into both Windows XP and Vista. You do not need any drivers (actually, they do not even exist for download). Normally, when you connect ... Read More »

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I have a Sony DCR-HC52 Handy Cam camcorder that does not have a usb cable. Can i edit videos on my computer?

If you have a mini dv (cassette) camcorder….Your dv camcorder needs a firewire connection (ieee 1394) in order to download video, your PC probably did not come with a firewire port, so you will h... Read More »

WIll my Sony handycam DCR-HC-42E work with vista through firewire there are no usb streaming vista drivers!?

No - thats because you do not need USB drivers - or anything to do with USB.Your camcorder has an i-link (AKA 'Firewire' , 'IEEE1394', 'DVport' ) and that is what you should be using to transfer ... Read More »

Sony Handycam - how do you transfer to computer?

You will almost certainly find help for your problem on this webpage :-… ..

Why wont my computer recognize my camera when its connected?

JVC. eh? I got one too. Are you using a USB connevtion? Chances are, you are in need of a firewire connection.You probably need a FIREWIRE connection. Take the camcorder to a store and match up a c... Read More »