Computer blank?

Answer Try starting in safe mode. Just before the Windows logo comes up (way before the desktop appears) hit F8 a few times until it offers you safe mode. Just start into that and see if the explorer load... Read More »

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How to Get Rid of an Auto Blank in a Computer?

Auto Blank, more commonly referred to as About: Blank or AboutBlank, is a computer virus that automatically displays a blank page in your Web browser every time to try to visit a website. In additi... Read More »

My Computer Won't Recognize a Blank CD?

Computer CD-R drives are used to burn files onto a blank CD. If your computer doesn't recognize the blank CDs, more than likely, the CD drive has an outdated driver or the wrong driver has been ins... Read More »

How do I save a DVD on a computer then burn it to a blank DVD?

Download a DVD copying program such as DVD Shrink. You can buy a DVD copying program such as Corel DVD Movie Factory or Roxio Easy DVD copy but they won’t work on commercial DVDs with security pr... Read More »

Have an '05 computer what blank media do you use?

A 2005 DVD RW is not old, and although firmware does get updated it is nothing like the rate of amendment for say graphics card drivers. It sounded more like someone trying to sell you a new DVD dr... Read More »