Computer anti-virus help please?

Answer First uninstall AVG free since its detection rate is lower than the other antiviruses I will recommend and has NO anti-rootkitTo answer your question about updating you can find it in the program i... Read More »

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Someone please help me! I have a Trojan I need an anti virus!?

There are never any guarantees in malware fighting, but try this:First, boot into Safe Mode With Networking. That sometimes keeps malware from protecting itself. Then, if you have an anti-virus, ... Read More »

Can someone advise me which is the best anti virus protection for my computer..(PLEASE SEE ADDED DETAILS)?

HELP! I think my computer has got a virus or something!!! PLEASE HELP!?

Your PC is infected with a smitfraud trojan. Go here to remove it free.Or,you can make a donation if you like.…Or,


it's a redirect software. if you use a new tab2.type in the url "about:config" and for "browser.newtab.url"4. double click..and type the url you wish to load in each n... Read More »