Computer Vitus problem?

Answer This will cause your computer to lose it's system restore points, but will work.Right click My Computer and select Properties, Now click on the System Restore tab at the top of that pane and click ... Read More »

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Whats a good free anti vitus for my vista?

In the world of security, you get what you pay for!Larger companies are able to be more proactive in developing signatures for the latest threats. Every day, new viruses are created or morphed from... Read More »

Would it be a problem to sync my friend's new ipod on my computer since she doesn't have a working computer of her own?

No it shouldn't be a problem at all, you go ahead and do that!

When i start my computer then blue screen appears and my computer goes to restart Wat's the problem?

Check the writer isn't set as a slave or do you already have a CDROM sitting there as a master, two masters will conflict and cause what you say is happening. Or also if the jack cable is in backwa... Read More »

Computer problem: My computer keeps freezing up and I have to force it to shut down,?

Sounds like a virus for sure. Just because you ran a clean virus check doesn't mean you don't have a virus.Anti-virus programs can only scan for KNOWN viruses. If a new or unknown virus has made ... Read More »