Computer Skills - A simple problem - Adobe FP CS?

Answer No, because you need a product key or something. You can maybe attach the school computer to your desktop and use your desktop as a monitor for the school computer?

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I all ready have Adobe Flash Player 11 on my computer. If I down load Google Crome it comes with the Adobe Fla?

If you already have it, Google chrome won't install another one. Its the same.thing.

People who are good with Adobe Illustrator, help please! (simple question)?

First of all, the link to the "pumpkin" image that you gave is not valid, so we have nothing to look at. Nor do we know what file format this image is in, though I assume it to be a JPEG like all ... Read More »

How to Use Simple Tactics to Improve First Person Shooter Skills?

One can never learn enough and is constantly learning, same applys to the gaming community. These simple tactics that are formulated through reading, learning the hard way through constant experien... Read More »

I have a problem with adobe reader?

Is the printer calibrated? The paper in correctly, and turned on? connected via USB or Wifi to the home network and the ink cartridges have enough? Is the driver installed correctly?Try using anoth... Read More »