Computer Science. Please Help!!!! BEST ANSWER!!!!?

Answer To have 32K addresses, you will need 15 bits (2^15 = 32K).

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I m a computer science student. i want to purchase a computer.. what should i prefer laptop or desktop?

for Rs.38000 u will get an average laptop, but if u buy a besktop in this Range, then for Rs.38000, u can get a very good desktop woth AMD phenom or Intel Core 2 Duo processor, good motherboard wit... Read More »

What is the difference between computer science and computer hardware?

Computer science is the study of computers (particularly software). Computer hardware is the physical parts of a computer. Hardware may include a screen, a hard drive, a mouse, a keyboard, RAM, etc... Read More »

Which computer is right for me (need a fast answer)?

Here are 3 laptops that are considered excellent for your needs:………Cho... Read More »

Help!! Computer People!!! Answer this!!!?

If the plug (not electric, the other one) is big about 2 inches long with 25 pins, you have a parallel interface. See if the computer has something the same size, or check your receipt from Dell. ... Read More »