Computer: How many MB in 1 GB?

Answer 1 GB = 1000 MB Learn the prefix, and you can do any conversion:Computer technology uses the prefixes from the metric system to denote the quantity of bytes,Kilo, Mega, Giga, Tera, and Peta are amon... Read More »

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How many mbs r in a gb (computer memory)?

As most everybody has pointed out, the answer is 1024.The reason that it's not 1000 (as you may expect) is because unlike people (who use a base 10 for numbers), computers use a base 2 (which is wh... Read More »

How many hours u sit in front of the computer?

Can we put as many ram in our computer as we want is it unlimited?

No. There is a limit to the slots available and the capacity of the motherboard. Check your specs and they will tell you the limit.Cheers :-)

How many hours do you spend on the computer?