Computer Gurus can you tell me a bit about slave drives?

Answer A USB external drive won't be a slave drive as slave drive applies to IDE channels.Just plug the USB drive in, format it, and have fun.

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How to Work With Slave & Master Hard Drives?

Slave and Master drives are settings that must be configured where using two or more IDE drives within the same computer. This helps to keep data appropriately separate where multiple drives are wr... Read More »

I have an old computer with a harddrive that freezes during bootup can i make it a slave drive?

Yes, it is possible, just by changing the jumpers around. But if it was having problems as the primary drive, then you may have difficulties reading it as a secondary drive.

How many USB drives can you attach to a computer?

My computer won't recognize my CD or DVD drives. How do I fix this?

ITS A REGISTRY PROBLEM!!! Adding or removing certain burning programs cause this. like I-tunes, Roxio, Nero.. etc....Heres the fix. I'm a tech for a job. I'm sure it'll work. I help people wi... Read More »