Computer Gurus can you tell me a bit about slave drives?

Answer A USB external drive won't be a slave drive as slave drive applies to IDE channels.Just plug the USB drive in, format it, and have fun.

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How to Work With Slave & Master Hard Drives?

Slave and Master drives are settings that must be configured where using two or more IDE drives within the same computer. This helps to keep data appropriately separate where multiple drives are wr... Read More »

Please tell me about hardware that how to install linux & tell something about it because i want format my pc?

Hardware is generally well supported in Linux despite what many will tell you. Assuming you are working with Windows Overall a Linux based platform can perform most of the tasks equally as well as ... Read More »

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How do i set up two hard drives on a computer?

Set your JumpersOne drive must be "master," or primary. The other must be "slave." Determine which will be which and set your jumpers according to the display on the hard drive label. Jumpers are t... Read More »