Computer Font Became Small?

Answer try holding down the control button and scrolling on the scrolling thing in between the two clickie things on the mouse (sorry, I don't know the correct terms for these things)Hopefully you can fig... Read More »

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The font on my computer is so small, I can bareley see it. How do I fix it please?

press ctrl button in key board and use to mouse scroll the round button in the middle of the mouse to increase or decrease fount size

Somehow I accidentally changed the font on, so now the font is very small letters.?

Press Ctrl+0 to go back to normal size.Ctrl + to zoom inCtrl - to zoom out

Google Font is Small?

Hold down "Ctrl" and press the "+" to get to the size you want. If it becomes to big, press "-" along with the "Ctrl" key.

Why is all the font for my internet explorer so small?

The answeres above are all correct, just what I was going to say. One other possibility is that your screen resolution was changed. Sometimes programs will change it and not change it back.