Computer Compatibility help!?

Answer Yes. Assuming your power supply is also good enough.

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Computer RAM/mobo/processor compatibility?

Z77 is a high function motherboard.i7-3770 does not overclock (no K)Hyperthreading in gaming is useless.i5-3570K is an ideal gamer's CPU and perfect with an AsRock Extreme4Add an aftermarket CPU co... Read More »

Computer hardware compatibility questions and more!?

Not compatible.FM1 socket motherboard does not accommodate AMD Athlon II X3 450, and the high speed memory I have to guess is all wrong without digging deeper.Are you choosing random parts?GeForce ... Read More »

Graphics Card compatibility Help?

You have 1 PCIe slot on your motherboard,so the 5770 is compatible with it...What is the name brand of the power supply you installed? Even if its 550w it does not mean it can run the 5770 Especial... Read More »

What computer specs to determine video card compatibility?

Video card into computer.1) Physical size. L, W, H to fit in the system. If it doesn't fit, you need a new case.2) Power supply - Most of the brand name computers (Dell/HP-Compaq/Acer-Gateway/Lenov... Read More »