Computer CD-Rom question?

Answer There are 2 ways of doing this.1. Buy an external CD drive that connects via USB.2. Use a computer with a CD Drive and get a program that will create and .ISO image of the cd and then get a program... Read More »

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Computer question. Putting Vista on a computer?

If you can put that on to more one computer, then yes. Often disks like that are for one computer only.You also need to make sure his computer can run Windows Vista. However, depending on his probl... Read More »

Question about Computer?

you shouldn't have to be safe mode for internet, thats really too slow, was it always like this, if yes, then maybe your video graphics card needs upgrading, but not likely if you have new compute... Read More »


I think everquest is an older game, so yeah you should be able to run it finehere are your computer stats:…here is everquests requirements: http://eq2onli... Read More »

Computer question. What is RAM?

RAM stands for Random Access Memory and is a type of memory that is used for running processes (e.g. games) on your computer, rather than storage (which is done by the hard disk). It is sold in 'st... Read More »