Computation Methods for Multiplication?

Answer Civilizations developed ways to compute multiplication for millenia and many people still use these techniques today. You use multiplication every day and often use these methods of computations wi... Read More »

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Methods of Multiplication for 4th Grade?

The fourth grade is generally when students begin to learn how to multiply large numbers. Some students catch onto multiplying large numbers using the traditional method very quickly. However, othe... Read More »

Effective Methods for Teaching Multiplication Facts?

Students may struggle when learning basic multiplication facts. There are many resources available to help educators stay within their budget while providing effective methods for students to learn... Read More »

Math Computation Tricks?

Math can be a challenging subject for even the brightest students. Too often, learning is either complicated by confusing theorems and definitions or made boring by dry text books. There is another... Read More »

Kozen Theory of Computation?

Dexter Kozen, a professor in the Department of Computer Science at Cornell University, is the author of "Theory of Computation" (2006), which is an undergraduate computer science textbook. The boo... Read More »