Compressed Air Dryer & Filter Installation?

Answer A compressed-air dryer and filter installation supplies clean, dry compressed air to equipment that uses the air as motive power. Filtering and drying the air protects the equipment from damage fro... Read More »

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Dryer Vent Installation Safety?

Dryers generate a great deal of moisture, warm air and lint in the process of drying clothes. All this needs to be properly channeled outside the home. A few things need to be considered to safely ... Read More »

What is the code for dryer vent installation?

Because building codes are set by state entities, the specifics of the dryer vent installation code can vary by region. However, the guidelines generally state that dryer vents must have a duct tha... Read More »

Dryer Drum Glides Installation?

The dryer drum glides attach to the front of your dryer and help support the drum as it rotates and dries your clothes. As the glides wear down, they can cause the dryer drum to start making a scra... Read More »

How to Clean a Dryer Lint Filter?

Cleaning the lint out of your clothes dryer can help prolong the life span of your clothes dryer, reduce the risk of a fire, and keep it running smoothly. Keep reading to find out how!